Rodent of Asgard

"The alchemists in their search for gold discovered many other things of greater value."
~ Arthur Schopenhauer

After a frustrating afternoon of drawing, then deleting, then sketching, then finding umpteen more reference pics, then drawing again, then deleting again, then shaking an angry fist at the heavens in frustration .... I got a little random inspiration from a friend.  And then, voila!  "Loki Hamster" was born.

The IF theme this week is "Hurry" -- as in, Loki Hamster don't hurry cuz Loki Hamster don't care.

And this is a little study for a sketch I did on an envelope the other day.


I love the face on that feisty hamster!
artistaggie said…
Thanks, Sheryl! :-) He's stylin' and he knows it!
Cindy D. said…
Haha, Loki Hamster, that's great! Love the costume. Adorable little bee, too!
artistaggie said…
Aw, thanks Cindy! :-D

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