Spirited Handiwork

“Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art.”
~Leonardo da Vinci 

A lot can happen in the space of two weeks.  Multiple road trips, Scottish festivals, watermarks, art prints (more of that later..), [feline] pink eye, audiobooks, wreath frames, frugal finds/kitchen tables, and oddly enough, lots of drawing.  I finished the Great Basset Hound Project [yay!] and so am free to do as I please (ie, clean house, do errands, peruse long-neglected blogs and tend to my own).  It feels good to get things done. 

"Swan", a gift for my grandmother.

"Paso Fino"

The Basset Hounds, as puppies and dogs.


"Winged Horse", inspired by the art of Michael Whelan.


Kate said…
Nice pictures. Kate x
Anonymous said…
kim said,,, i enjoyed your artwork i am an artist and i want to start a career and im glad i found your art to check out keep up the good work kim s

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