Pluggin' Away

"Gotta gotta be down, because I want it all..."
~The Killers, "Mr. Brightside"

Not much to relate at the moment, dear readers.  I'm still pluggin' away at various t-shirt designs, working on a portrait, and trying to figure out how best to put together a hard-copy portfolio.  (Suggestions are welcome!)

"Live Green" -- my token Earth Day design, I suppose.

"Ophelia", a design for ShirtWoot's "Madness" contest.

"Storybook" and "Strongman", done for ShirtWoot's "S is For..." contest.

"Scheherazade's Other Tales", my entry in ShirtWoot's "Literature Mash-up" contest.

"Bayou Jug Band"


気等 said…
Is the Storybook art up for purchase as shirt or print? I love it!
artistaggie said…
Thank you! :-D It's not available yet -- hopefully it will be for sale someday! I'll definitely post here if/when that happens ;-)

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