Busy is Good

"One of the many blessings of being an artist is that you don't have to wait for someone to hire you before you can work. That's wealth beyond measure."
~ Eleanor Blair

This has been a busy week, with visiting family and festivities, and we're in that seasonal stretch where things don't really slow down until year's end.  For me it's a time of keeping my eyes open for job opportunities whilst (and at the same time) maintaining my freelance workload.  Some days I feel like I need the arms of a Hindu deity -- but it's good to be kept busy!

A quick Nazgul sketch, for Illustration Friday's "Scary" theme.

My Shirt.Woot entry this week, featuring brilliant, evil little pigs.

Inspired by Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, my husband and I dressed up as Penny and Capt. Hammer for Halloween.  The trick-or-treater turnout was meager to say the least, but we watched "Sleepy Hollow" and had fun anyway.


artistaggie said…
Thanks, Marie Alice :-) I just sat down and started sketching, and it became a Nazgul -- pretty much all on it's own :-P
Chrissie A said…
Very unique idea for the theme, and nicely done!
artistaggie said…
Thank you, Chrissie! :-D

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