The Tablet of Prosperity

"If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant. If we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome."
~Anne Bradstreet

A couple of days ago, I sat at my computer drawing as usual, when my tablet [digital drawing pad] suddenly stopped working.  My trusty ol' workhorse, the Wacom CTE-640, pulled a Gone With the Wind on me and died in the traces, so to speak... I mourned briefly before ordering a fancy new tablet online -- sentimental sap that I am.  What followed was a very long day and a half, in which I realized that I am extremely addicted to using my tablet for any and all artwork.  Getting out pencil and paper to sketch felt like using a charred stick on a cave wall.  I'm not even kidding.

Fortunately, my new Wacom tablet arrived today!  My husband helped me get it all set up and working, and man, it feels good to be back in business.  It'll take a while to really get a feel for the new stylus/tablet, but thank goodness for tablets.  "Prosperity is welcome", indeed.

"Twirl of the Hourglass" is a sketch I did this afternoon for IF's "Twirl" theme.

"Black Cat", a very rough sketch from memory of Blackjack, our trouble-makin' little cat.


Cindy D. said…
It must be Hermione (aside from the obvious - looking a lot like Hermione) but only a wizard could hold up that huge stack of books so casually with one arm! (I couldn't. At least not for long.) Fantastic sketch. Totally love the giant stack of books/scrolls and that's a really great cat!
artistaggie said…
Lol, thanks Cindy D :-D It is Hermione, and because I was too lazy to actually go assemble a stack of books and pose for the drawing, I figured she could just magically balance her books/scrolls ;-)
Laura Anne said…
Love the sketch - you have amazing talent. I posted my first submission this week - and I 'm enjoying checking out everyone else. God bless your endeavors.
artistaggie said…
Thanks very much, Laura Anne; welcome to the Illustration Friday Submission Club! ;-)
k.h.whitaker said…
Wonderful sketch. Love the cat too.

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