Drawing the Line

"Art, like morality, consists of drawing the line somewhere."
 ~ GK Chesterton

Dear readers: the next time you decide to draw someone (be it friend, lover, family member or perfect stranger) while they are cooking a meal, DON'T DO IT.  IT'S A TRAP!

I love my husband, and he insists that he tried to stay still for me.  However, when we agreed to a sketching session in the kitchen, I had no idea how hard it was going to be to capture his likeness while he worked.  It was a good challenge, though, I must say -- especially for someone who hasn't sketched from life in some time.  But still... save yourself some grief and just pose your subject holding a spatula or something.

... just for future reference.

My wonderful man, making me his Famous Spaghetti.

My sleepy cat, Simone.

A Santa sketch with an Old World, "Father Christmas" feel.

A sassy lil' pinecone.


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