Artists Courageous

All art requires courage.
~Anne Tucker

It's been a rather rocky couple of weeks.  I've been dabbling in the world of graphic design and t-shirt design contests, with little success.  In one contest, my t-shirt design got a whopping ten votes, putting me in 107th place.  In another contest, my design was given a score of 1.66 out of 5, and it was pulled from the contest early.  This graphic design business is a good bit harder than it looks; the drawing skills come in handy -- but they're not enough.

So, rather than wallow in self-pity, I've decided to keep on rollin' and improve.  If nothing else,  I've been amassing work for my portfolio whilst honing my skills.  I can only get better at this point.  Naysayers are cretins and imbeciles, and ain't nothin' gonna break my stride.

Ten happy things:
  • Sunshine pouring in your window
  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  • The smell of cheesy garlic bread in the oven
  • Fashioning little accessories out of colorful beads
  • Clean sheets
  • Having a book on your shelf that is the exact art reference you need 
  • Knowing where the above book is on the aforementioned shelf
  • The sweet, sugary-buttery-pastry goodness of beignets
  • Community theater
  • Finally receiving that long-awaited package in the mail

 Conceptual poster designs for Sweeney Todd and Glass Menagerie.

Sketch for "Heart"-themed contest - not submitted.

Sketch for "Chinese Zodiac"-themed contest - not submitted.  I was going for "Year of the Striped Tiger"...

Design submitted for "Chinese Zodiac"-themed contest: "Learn Your Zodiac!"  My most popular design yet -- 22nd place!

Design submitted for "It's Hard Without Shoes"-themed contest: "No Ruby Slippers"


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