Excellent Intensity

"The excellency of every art is its intensity, capable of making all disagreeable evaporate."

~ John Keats 

Oil pastels are intense.  While visiting with some fellow artists the other day, I was offered the chance to play with some oil pastels.  Of course I snatched up the pastels and began scribbling furiously.  I discovered that layering colors is tricky, and coloring in large areas is kind of a pain.  Plus, how do you store an oil pastel picture?  It's pretty smeary stuff.  

Fun times, though!  It was nice to do some traditional-media work, and I love the brilliant colors.  Huzzah for groovy artist friends and trying new things!

Dragon, oil pastels

 Daughter of Pharaoh

Study of Glenn Dean's "Men and Monuments"

Conceptual poster design for "Camelot"

Today's random scribble: "Tea Time"



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