Festive and Fabulous

I intend for my paintings to reflect an enthusiastic response to the world around me – perhaps, more simply stated, a celebration of being.

Golden maple leaves and cool breezes... ain't autumn grand?! We're halfway through the autumn season (which in my mind, consists of October and November -- August and September are just too hot down here to be considered "fall"), and Halloween looms large.  Sadly, I wasn't able to find any nifty parties or events to attend in my immediate vicinity this year, but I can still dress up to hand out candy to wandering munchkins!  I'm pretty stoked.  I'm not really going to "be" anyone, per se; "Pink Punk Princess" is an alterego born of indecision and frugality.  Would you like to see my costume?  I'm gonna look like this:

Also, I've been doin' some artz, which is probably why you're reading my blog in the first place.  But I just had to show off my fab duds, because it's so much fun to play dress-up!!!  [Yes, I'm only six.]

A little sketch-quote that I did just for the font of it.  (Didja catch that?)

Last week's ShirtWoot derby theme was "Fall Colors";  here we have my little foxy shirt.

This week's ShirtWoot derby theme is "Meat", so I drew Spam Spade, meat of mystery.

I gave my "Sugar" design a makeover (out of necessity), and it's up for voting at Threadless.  Check out my velociraptors there, too! 


Unknown said…
THese are wonderful!
ouida said…
You are so talented!!! Just saw your fox shirt on woot and heart it! Do you know when the robot shirt will be up? I must ORDER!!! Fingers crossed I didn't miss it!

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