O Frabjous Day

"The secret of success in life is to be ready when your opportunity comes."
~Benjamin Disraeli

Tell you what, dear readers -- when it rains, it pours!  Since my last post, I've gotten a poster commission, a freelance contract, and (super-exciting!) a winning shirt design!!!   I'm certainly one thankful little artist.

"Poker Game" won first place in the "Meme Mashup!" derby at Shirt.Woot; my first derby win!!! It's available for purchase here.

"I Lol, Therefore I Am" was also entered in the "Meme Mashup!" derby.

"Transportation" is this week's theme at Illustration Friday -- here we have a faery scout with her trusty mode of transportation.

"Bloodthirsty Baby" is currently up for voting at Shirt.Woot's "HalloWoot" derby; go vote!!!


steve said…
Wow, these are all superb!!! Love the humor too!

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