Burnin' Till the Break of Day

"Give me oil in my lamp, keep me burnin' burnin' burnin'
Give me oil in my lamp, I pray!
Give me oil in my lamp, keep me burnin' burnin' burnin'
Keep me burnin' 'til the break of day!"

~ "Give Me Oil in my Lamp", religious children's song

This time of year, events and to-do lists and schedules invariably fill the calendar more and more until one is immersed in a maelstrom of activity -- and I am looking forward to it.  Between a new book club and t-shirt designs and sporting events and weddings and traveling and freelance gigs, things are shaping up to make this a very busy season; burnin' the candle at both ends always makes for fun times!

The Illustration Friday theme this week is "Burning", which coincides nicely with my Shirt.Woot entry this week -- a mighty robot terrorizes Blockopolis as its denizens flee and the city burns. 

My Chupacabra shirt, "Goat Sucker", is up for voting at Threadless; the goats need votes!

These are posters I did recently for a client -- the Christmas tree design will actually be blown up to a full-size poster, which is pretty nifty.


MrBibleHead said…
I love your blog Anne! Great ghost story illustration! That is so cool how you illustrated the listeners and the story. Your robot is great as well! God bless!
Chibi Janine said…
Love the robotron picture, run little toys know fear Mw hahahahahaha
You've got magic going on over here! FANTASTIC!! Love the top illustration! The colors are magnificent!
Tim Baron said…
You do great work. Fellow Chupacabra fan here.
Mr. Spoqui said…
i ♥ this drawings!
The Seakiwi said…
I love the drawings! :) the little monkey is so cute!
panda no ko said…
the chupacabra one is great! and robotron.. I love it! reminds me of godzilla ^O^
Ian T. said…
Anne, I love all your pictures! The Robotron one should be a CD cover - seriously, someone needs to pick this up! The sense of Chupacapra as a fireside yarn spun by goats is really amusing. Your use of dark backgrounds to foreground the coloured shapes is first class and ideal for t-shirts. Fantastic!

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