It Keeps on Slippin', Slippin'

"I am long on ideas, but short on time. I only expect to live about a hundred years.."
~Thomas Edison

   It's a tricky business, Time.  It so often gets out of hand, quietly evading our grasp before we notice, and then weeks/months/years have passed.  It occurred to me today that this weekend, we'll be traveling and then in about two weeks, it will be Thanksgiving -- and then Christmas will be right around the corner.  Where did this year go??  Yipes stripes.  

  It's also interesting how so many industries (graphic design, for instance) are obliged to begin seasonal prep work months in advance.  Working on Christmas illustrations in the weeks preceding Halloween is just odd; I try to get in whatever 'mood' my artwork calls for -- but breaking out the "Jingle Bells" in October kinda throws my mental calendar off a bit.  Although, getting a jump start on Christmas shopping might not be a bad idea... 

"Pink Punk Princess" + "Robotron" = True Love.

"Afterwards", a sketch for this week's Illustration Friday theme.

My "Home for the Holidays" bunny shirt is up for voting at Shirt.Woot until Thursday.  Vote now!

A little Calvin & Hobbes homage strip -- comics are remarkably hard to do, by the way.  Which is a) part of why Bill Watterson is a genius and b) why you won't see many comic strips on this blog.

This is one of the designs I'm going to put on my mini-business cards.

Finally, a little shameless self-promotion.  Buy my shirt at Shirt.Woot; it's awesome -- and it would make a great gift for that Star Wars/Star Trek nerd in your life!!!!


Unknown said…
I think I just fell in love with you (j/k),seriously tho, awesome work. If I had money I'd buy one in a second.
Morph Waffle said…
very cool stuff, robotron love, nice illo, love the bunny shirt, so all together, coolio!
artistaggie said…
Thanks, patrick & Missy! :-D

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