Complex Tastes

Calvin: "I'm a simple man, Hobbes."

Hobbes: "You?? Yesterday you wanted a nuclear-powered car that could turn into a jet with laser-guided heat-seeking missiles!"

Calvin: "I'm a simple man with complex tastes."

~Calvin and Hobbes

Ah, fall... as drizzle moistens the gray, already-sodden outside world around me, my thoughts turn to the sunny, brisk autumn days [hopefully!] to come. I imagine our maple tree turning pretty colors, our sweaters keeping us warm and toasty in the crisp breeze, and the scents of baked goods filling our house. To usher in this utopia, I've stocked my cute candied-apple jar with candy corns, bought a couple of fall-colored candles, and found a zucchini bread recipe to try.

Things I want this fall season:
  • a winning football team (c'mon, Ags.. Seriously.)
  • a really yummy spice candle (still lookin')
  • cool weather!
  • gingerbread chai
  • a continued lack of threatening/dangerous tropical storms

I know, it's a lot to ask. I'm a simple woman with complex tastes.


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