Consider Fine Arts

"If you are looking for something to be brave about, consider fine arts."
~Robert Frost

Last night, I discovered that my favorite art forum,, will soon be offering its own art instructional program.  The program will span 30 months, including three-week class sessions three times a year, and cost almost $50,000.  That isn't as much as completing art degree programs at other art schools, so I hear, and I believe they're planning on offering scholarships. Even so.. who, seriously, has thousands of dollars lying around to spare, and who wants to take on [additional] student loan costs?  Also, entry into the program is based on the applicant's portfolio.  Would my portfolio even be strong enough for consideration?

But oh, how amazing that would be -- a real art education, rubbing elbows with successful artists and illustrators, gleaning from their knowledge, growing my art skills...  I must admit, it did give me pause last night.  When you've just gotten married and are starting to test the daunting waters of the housing market, that's probably not the best time to throw caution to the wind and take on art school.  Is there a good time, though?  Is it better to go back to school when you're still young enough to have career-available years before you -- or wait until you have the time and the funds, when you've got an empty nest and a little cash put by?

... things to think about.  But now, let us have artwork!

"Skinny Malinky Frog-Legs Learns to Dance"

a rough sketch of a mermaid lagoon ("oh, underneath a magic moon!")

"Autumn Day"


"Ninja Boy, Pirate Girl: the Forbidden Love"


i wrote out a whole long comment but your comment form killed it because i wasnt logged into my wordpress account.There should be a setting so when people comment they can just type ttheir url and name.. you should enable that

- Lindsayanng at BSC Design
artistaggie said…
Hi Lindsay,

I am so sorry that the comment form prevented you from sharing your thoughts. :-( I think I've fixed the log-in issue. I do hope you'll swing by my blog again and let me know what you think!
Anonymous said…
Oh, what a dilemna... 50k is a lot of money, but the benefits are tremendous.

Upon first glance, I thought your painting of Audrey was a photograph from My Fair Lady. Then I a saw your signature -- I think you have plenty of material for a portfolio here! :)
Anonymous said…
Oh, by the way: thank you for sharing the Robert Frost quote.

I'm a programmer by training. I spent the last 15 years studying computer science and I finally graduated last Spring, with honors.

I took me all that time to realize that however fascinating technology is, it doesn't bring Enthusiasm into my life. Art, particularly photography, does.
Unknown said…
Are you even getting any of my comments---maybe I'm just talking to myself. I don't know if I'm using this thing right.
Go to art school if you have the chance---it can't hurt but it's not really what you need right now. You will know when it's time, as Galan from Dragonslayer , said. Love MIL
Unknown said…
I also wanted to say I may be one of a handful that get "forbidden love"! I still have to pause and think when you say "your husband"---you mean MY Joel, right!!? I AM getting my head around it.
I think I'm getting the hang of this blog thing---I truly don't have the time to maintain a blog the stylish and classy way you do! I love your commentary---I am gleaning things from it to know you better!
Sorry my comments are long--is it against the blog rules to have more than one paragragh? Luv MIL
Unknown said…
Oh, and Robert Frost was a real comedian as well as a poet.
Hope you have your pumpkin out and plenty of candy. We only get frat boys in drag or tiny fairies with their parents waiting by the driveway. I am eating most of the Raisinets and M&Ms. Hope you are getting some fall weather!---MIL

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