You Light Up My Life

"Painting is, by nature, a luminous language."
~ Robert Delaunay

Don't you love it when things work?  Just as I was sitting here drooling over a Williams-Sonoma catalog and scolding myself for not updating my blog, the power went out.  The power in our area is always a bit sketchy, so my ounce-of-prevention husband equipped my computer with a battery back-up unit some weeks ago.  This morning, as the house was darkened, my little computer soldiered on, informing me that it was now running on its back-up battery and not to worry.  It's such a blessing when forethought and technology save the day!  The power's back on, the blog's updated, and all's right with the world.

"Le Petit Chat Noir"

"Monkey Business"

"Arm of the Mighty"




Anonymous said…
Hooray for electricity! Le Chat Noir is one of my favorite vintage posters and the cute minature version you've posted here is one of the cutest things I've seen!
artistaggie said…
Oh, thank you -- I thought it was a cute idea :-> I was disappointed when I showed it to people who didn't "get it". Yay for vintage posters!!!
Claude Richard said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
artistaggie said…
Merci beaucoup, Crescendo :-D
Little Monarch said…
mister fox and mister sheep are darlings x
artistaggie said…
Aren't they cute? :-> Thx, LM!

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