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New Art Resolutions? Five Helpful Tips

 "One form of perseverance is the daily discipline of trying to do things better than we did yesterday." ~Angela Duckworth It's the month of January, when we often find ourselves deciding to shake off old, troublesome ways, to better ourselves, to embrace change and pursue new things -- like drawing, for instance.  If you're someone who wants to either learn to draw or improve your drawing skills, I have some recommendations.  -- Practice .  If you "can't draw a straight line!", you need to keep trying.  [Straight lines are overrated, by the way.]  You need to sketch and scribble and make crummy attempts at drawing things.  It will probably look bad the first time, the seventh time, and maybe the eighteenth time, too.  But eventually, you will notice that the next time is a bit better than the last one was... and then you keep at it.  Don't stop. -- Observe .  Grab your pencil and paper and sketch things around you.  Not in a fancy-framed-art museum

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