May 30, 2011

Hit-or-Miss Ideas

"Painting is a nail to which I fasten my ideas."
 ~Georges Braque, Cubist painter & sculptor

I don't have very much to say here, artistically speaking.  Lately, my art has consisted primarily of struggling to come up with ideas for shirt designs. One of these days I'm going to figure out how to consistently come up with clever t-shirt ideas that will sell.  This hit-or-miss designing nonsense is starting to get kinda old.  Anyway... that's enough griping.  Time to show the artwork!

For Shirt.Woot's "Royalty" derby, I did a T-Rex royal crest design, "Tyrant Lizard King".  It's also currently up for voting in the Double-Take Derby

Just FYI, my "Barrel of Zombies" design is also a contender in the Double-Take Derby.

 "Delusions of Grandeur" was done for the "Shirt Titles Reinterpreted" Derby, in which designs were reinterpretations of previously printed shirt titles... as the Derby title indicates, actually.

Shirt.Woot introduced two new [gray, of all things] t-shirt colors, and so the "Silver Screen" Derby was born.  I did a little Nosferatu design called "Lunch Break".

Lastly, here's a baby Smaug sketch, because the Illustration Friday theme this week is "Asleep".

May 10, 2011

Small Moments

"Got no checkbooks, got no banks,
Still I'd like to express my thanks -
I got the sun in the morning and the moon at night."
~Irving Berlin, "I Got the Sun in the Morning," 1946

Lately I've been trying to take advantage of wonderful little things that come my way.  I bought myself a little bottle of bubble solution, and sometimes I just sit outside and blow bubbles for a few minutes.  It's a quiet, calming thing.  I've recently begun riding my bike around the neighborhood from time to time; after a [very!] long hiatus from biking, I'd forgotten how pleasant it is to feel the gentle wind in your face and explore new places on a bike.  I may not have won any art contests lately, and I may not be rolling in money and fame -- but there's so much to be grateful for, like small moments of refreshment and delight.

On a side note, today is my dad's birthday.  Happy birthday, Dad! :-D

The theme at Illustration Friday this week is "Beginner", so I did a rough sketch of a wee laddie practicing the bagpipes.  This may or may not have been sketched while I was watching a documentary about the Massacre of Glencoe, so.. bagpipes.

"Zombies" was a recent Derby theme over at Shirt.Woot, so here we have my entries:
"Remember the Undead", with a zombie/sugar skull thing...

"Sock Monkey's Last Stand"

"Barrel of Zombies", which got an Honorable Mention.

For the "Amusement Park" Derby, I decided to focus on the glories of AP food.