Oct 29, 2010

Festive and Fabulous

I intend for my paintings to reflect an enthusiastic response to the world around me – perhaps, more simply stated, a celebration of being.

Golden maple leaves and cool breezes... ain't autumn grand?! We're halfway through the autumn season (which in my mind, consists of October and November -- August and September are just too hot down here to be considered "fall"), and Halloween looms large.  Sadly, I wasn't able to find any nifty parties or events to attend in my immediate vicinity this year, but I can still dress up to hand out candy to wandering munchkins!  I'm pretty stoked.  I'm not really going to "be" anyone, per se; "Pink Punk Princess" is an alterego born of indecision and frugality.  Would you like to see my costume?  I'm gonna look like this:

Also, I've been doin' some artz, which is probably why you're reading my blog in the first place.  But I just had to show off my fab duds, because it's so much fun to play dress-up!!!  [Yes, I'm only six.]

A little sketch-quote that I did just for the font of it.  (Didja catch that?)

Last week's ShirtWoot derby theme was "Fall Colors";  here we have my little foxy shirt.

This week's ShirtWoot derby theme is "Meat", so I drew Spam Spade, meat of mystery.

I gave my "Sugar" design a makeover (out of necessity), and it's up for voting at Threadless.  Check out my velociraptors there, too! 

Oct 19, 2010

Spooky and a Scarecrow

Just a quick sketch for Illustration Friday's Spooky theme: Little Nosferatu.

Plus, while I'm posting, I might as well show you my latest Shirt.Woot design; members, go vote!!!


Oct 9, 2010

O Frabjous Day

"The secret of success in life is to be ready when your opportunity comes."
~Benjamin Disraeli

Tell you what, dear readers -- when it rains, it pours!  Since my last post, I've gotten a poster commission, a freelance contract, and (super-exciting!) a winning shirt design!!!   I'm certainly one thankful little artist.

"Poker Game" won first place in the "Meme Mashup!" derby at Shirt.Woot; my first derby win!!! It's available for purchase here.

"I Lol, Therefore I Am" was also entered in the "Meme Mashup!" derby.

"Transportation" is this week's theme at Illustration Friday -- here we have a faery scout with her trusty mode of transportation.

"Bloodthirsty Baby" is currently up for voting at Shirt.Woot's "HalloWoot" derby; go vote!!!