May 30, 2012

A Legend, Faded

Howdy, y'all!  I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend.  Just a quick post to show you a piece I did the other day for Illustration Friday's "Faded" theme -- I decided to put a Norse-mythology spin on this theme, with a rough sketch of Odin and his ravens, Huginn ("Thought") and Muninn ("Memory").

"A Legend, Faded"

May 25, 2012

Light in the Darkness

"To send light into the darkness of men's hearts - such is the duty of the artist."
~ Robert Schumann

Dear fellow artists, illustrators, freelancers -- I know that, at one time or another, most of us have been mistreated by clients, expected to work for nothing, instructed to meet impossible deadlines, overloaded with assignments, baffled by unclear guidelines... It happens, and it can leave us a little bitter and jaded.  But let's not forget that sometimes, we need to use our artistic skills "not for good, but for awesome".  Carving a little time out of your day to help someone out can yield mutual benefits, and that's a good thing.  So let your artsy light shine, friends!

A blog header design I cobbled together the other day for blogger rivanphoenix -- check out her blog, if you've got a sec! ["Robotron Wreaks Havoc" image used with permission from Woot, Inc.]

"Seer's Orb" -- an old sketch from the archives; I thought it applied to last week's Illustration Friday theme, "Sight".

Looking to do a quick sketch, I revisited my "Le Petit Chat Noir" concept...


May 9, 2012

Everyday Life and Kittens

Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.” 
~Pablo Picasso

I suppose everyday life may be dusty for some, but this rolling stone certainly doesn't get a chance to gather moss these days.  My husband and I pretty much lost the month of April, when our space-time continuum was mangled by the birth of a litter of kittens on our back porch.  After some drama, we were left with a tiny newborn orange tabby, rejected by the mama cat.  Since April 4, our lives have revolved around the new arrival, dubbed "Hobbes" (like Calvin and Hobbes); problematic bottle nipples, syringe feeding, trips to the ER vet, trips to the regular vet, feeding in the wee hours, first steps, teething, litter-box training... it's worn us out and made us happy, all at once.  Gotta love tiny kittens! Lately, he's gotten old enough to let me get in some artz time.  It's great being able to draw again!

Illustration Friday's theme this week is "Hitched", so I did a sketch of a certain galactic hitchhiker named Arthur Dent.

Shirt.Woot has brought back my "Bake It So!" design -- this time on an apron!  Get 'em while they're hot!

Some tidbits from the children's book I'm illustrating...


Meet the latest addition to the household: "Hobbes" -- part orange tabby kitten/part homicidal jungle cat :-P