Mar 30, 2010

'Tis the Season

Just thought I'd take a second, stop running around doing last-minute things that need doing, and share a little seasonal sketch.

Happy Easter, y'all!

Mar 28, 2010

Let the Sun Shine In

"Energy shifts, the mind chatters, but I shall persevere in keeping that internal critic from raining on my parade."

~ Martine Gourbault

This was a pleasant, quiet morning of enjoying cool breezes and balmy sunshine.  Our cats frolicked around the backyard, trying to comprehend the odd little rock that kept sprouting legs and walking away when they weren't looking.  (The idea of "turtle" is quite foreign to our indoor cats.)  We discussed plans for our upcoming camping trip.  We corralled our Houdini cat after she slipped through a gap in the fence.  We basked in the gentle warmth of a laid-back morning.

... which was a nice break from t-shirt design.  Said t-shirt design is great and all, but it's still a time-consuming (often mind-consuming) challenge.  Wrestling with Photoshop and contest regulations and the ever-elusive inspiration will take it outta ya.  The good thing is, I've been blessed with a husband who's a super source of ideas and encouragement -- we make a great team.  I still say it's gonna pay off one of these days.  Meanwhile, bring on the turtles and sunshine.  Life is good. 

"Band Names Reinterpreted" Contest entry: "Iron & Wine"

"Band Names Reinterpreted" Contest entry: "White Snake"

"New Vintage" Contest entry: "Star Stuff"

"New Vintage" Contest entry: "Italian Stallion"

Weekly Contest entry (Goodjoe): "It's Nice to Share"

Mar 9, 2010

Arts is Arts

"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see."

~Edgar Degas

 The scribbles just keep comin'.  Amidst the hustle and bustle of road trips, fender-benders, theater productions, severe colds and missed opportunities, drawing refuses to get left behind.

... and that's as it should be, I think.

"Egg", drawn for SFG's "E is for..." challenge.

"Young Mother"

"Pugly Duckling"