An Attempt at Productivity

“The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work.”
 ~Emile Zola

I must accomplish something today.  I've got lots of things that need doing, but, even if it's just this blog post, I need to actually get something done.  Funny how sitting around internetzing and watching your cat sleep doesn't really leave you feeling like you've duly justified the air you breathe.

Cats do sleep in a variety of very interesting positions, though -- just sayin'. 

Conceptual illustration of the ballad of Tam Lin, in which the Faery Queen is pretty hacked off that the heroine broke the faery spell and freed her lover, Tam Lin.

A phoenix rises from the ashes.

The North Wind summons little Diamond to journey with her. 

Pen-and-ink study of Alma-Tadema's "Roman Potter".

Unfinished study of Mucha's "Evening Star".

Pen-and-ink study of LIFE magazine photo.




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