Order and Abandon

"Great art is born when Apollonian form and Dionysian ecstasy are held in balance, 
when our dreams of order and abandon come together." 
~Michael Pollan, The Botany of Desire: a Plant's-eye View of the World

Still working on the whole "order and abandon" thing.  It'll come with time, I think, although it's always frustrating to see the work of the Masters and know that greatness is a long way off yet.  I can see some small progress in my work, though, and that's good.

I always enjoy working from photo reference.

Study of a Brian Froud drawing.

"Faery Pearl"


"Lil' Red" -- I wish I'd done this sketch at a higher resolution!

"Let Down Your Hair", a tribute to illustrator Gordon Laite.

A white stallion, again from photo reference.


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