She is the Sea

Trying to ease what is [hopefully] the beginnings of [just] a cold -- in between steaming mugs of tea, I figure I can get a couple more pics posted. 

She is the Sea, fickle and lovely and dangerous.

Experimenting with composition (thus the lines of color), we have a flying carpet...

... and a dragon cliffhanger.  I like this composition technique, 
but using colored highlighter with 
pen sketches probably isn't the way to go.

Once I got a Wacom tablet, new worlds of art opened up.  I began trying to translate my traditional drawing skills to digital media, and soon I was spending hours using Photoshop CS2, Painter X and ArtRage -- often in conjunction with my pencil/pen sketches.

Snow White and Rose Red enjoying a spring day. 

Tom Selleck

Speedpaint of a startled centaur, gettin' the heck outta Dodge.

Dragons aren't invincible...

Study of a photo-poster that graced my bedroom door for years...


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