She Walks in Winter

It's been a rather pensive day, which I think is appropriate.  Though I'm still dealing with the tail-end of my cold, I'm able to see past the box of Kleenex to the light at the end of the tunnel at this point -- which is fortunate.  It makes it easier to reflect on the occurrences of 9/11/01.
Illustrator Tristan Elwell aptly portrayed the mood I was in this morning, with his quietly moving 9/11 tribute:

Eight years later, we have not forgotten; I hope that we won't forget any time soon.  Ours is a nation of very vulnerable might, and it's easy to take our freedoms for granted.
That said (I'll get off my soap box now), time is like water and life flows along.  I'm reminded of this as I look over my collection of doodles and scribblings and try to decide what deserves to be posted.  It's interesting to see what I thought was quite well-drawn, say, two years ago.  How the time has passed... anyway.  No more soap-boxing.

Just one of those days...

Character concept: the very wise faun-maven.
Study of a chili pepper.

Study after Mucha's decorative panel, "Le Lys [the lily]".

The queen of the Wilis, from the ballet Giselle...

"She Walks in Winter".


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