Momentous Occasion

Welcome to my blog! Here you will witness feats of unimaginable dexterity and skill, and you'll probably see some art along the way.
So, without further ado, some pics I did a couple of years ago -- let's see if this blog thingamajigger works.

Ballpoint pens are good for drawing dragons, especially on lined paper.

I never finished this aardwolf sketch... and I'm okay with that.

Have ballpoint pen at concert, will sketch.

This is a congrats-on-getting-married card I drew/painted awhile back.


Unknown said…
Howdy!---I really like your blog and checked it a few times this last week as I was getting over the flu and stayed in a lot. Now I can see any of your pictures any time I want--so easy! It's a bit like eavesdropping in someone's private journal or tuning in to a favorite sitcom or soap opera for the latest installment (depending on your mood!).
You sound like you may have a good deal in common with the fire fairy right now but keep going forward--inspiration is always closer than we think! Franci Happy October!
artistaggie said…
My first comment! :-D

Thanks so much, Franci; glad to hear you're on the recovery-end of the flu -- hope you and Mike are both all better by now!

So glad you like the blog; stay tuned! ;->
Unknown said…
I can't say I ever liked Willie Wonka--the book or any of the movies, esp. the Disney one. It's kind of nightmarish, in a way.
I liked your Hansel and Grethel scene--the big trees made it seem like the house and figures were really doll-sized toys someone was playing with outdoors.
I liked "thimbleful", and "sugar and spice"--the last drawing of the something tap dancing reminds me I must pick up a pumpkin this weekend.
Jan sent me a Fall "care" package---no, not a box of leaves, but a small box of all things maple! Sweets, syrup, cookies, chocolate and maple garlic pepper! It all says Autumn to me!
I have a dozen pictures getting ready to go to the Frame Gallery this month---half are framed prints--they turned out pretty good. Hope I sell some this holiday. Did you see "Little Red Cap"?
Your Calvin and Hobbes version was cool! Hobbes has so much personality no matter how you draw him--Calvin was a little weak--he can only exist as a Waterson cartoon, apparently.
Hope you get everything on your want list--F.
artistaggie said…
I've always found the Willy Wonka concept very thought-provoking myself :-) Thanks for the comment! Getting your feedback about my pics is awesome -- and Joel said exactly the same thing about the Calvin & Hobbes pic!!! I agree with both of you; Calvin's exuberance is almost impossible to capture!

Glad you got your Jan-box :-) Maple garlic pepper?! I'm intrigued. Hope your Gallery prints sell well -- when're you gonna start blogging about your artz? ;-)>

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