Seven-League Itch

It's good to be home, even if it's not Home.  A quick weekend trip back to the ol' parental Homestead's always fun and all, but it is good to be back in our own house.  Unfortunately, though, whilst staying indoors almost the entire time, I somehow wound up with poison ivy all over my right arm.

It's not bad -- Caladryl lotion'll turn you pink, but it works.  (And, thanks to modern technology, you can buy clear Caladryl now, which I promptly did once I got home!)  It's just annoying.  Plus, I've never had poison ivy before, as I'm not often outdoors romping over field and fen.  How do I manage...?

Anyway, you see how it is.  Now, without further ado,  let us continue in this small presentation of arts and whatnot.

A study of Simone, the amazing sleeping cat.

"Snow Dragon"

"Red Dragon at Morning"

They're not always abominable, you know.

"Lean, Green & Mean"

I've always thought it'd be cool to have Seven-League Boots.


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