Jan 14, 2010

Gabriel's Power, Satchmo's Grace

"The trumpet child will blow his horn
Will blast the sky till it’s reborn
With Gabriel’s power and Satchmo’s grace
He will surprise the human race."
 ~ Over the Rhine, "Trumpet Child"

So, remember in my last post, how I was all whiny about having to seek my fortune in the world?  If you're under the impression that I'm a lazy, spoiled good-for-nothing... well, two outta three ain't bad.  Today's been a day of counting my (plenteous!) blessings.  There's so much for which to be thankful.  For instance, I discovered Over the Rhine's album "Trumpet Child" today.  And because I'm a sucker for a good hook, the phrase "Gabriel's power and Satchmo's grace" struck a chord with me.  I love when that happens!

"Trumpet Child"

"Earl Grey" -- viva LolCats!

"Love", an idea for a poster.

"Baby Saint", another team spirit sketch.


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